This time-saving kitchen gadget will revolutionise your Sunday fry up

Family eating breakfast [Photo: Getty]

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If you’ve ever cooked a fry up yourself - rather than headed to that trendy cafe up the road where they serve smashed avocado on everything - then you’ll know that it requires a certain level of military precision.

You need to heat the oven, cook the sausages, grill the bacon, brown the mushrooms and, at the last minute, scramble or fry the eggs.

Oh, and don’t forget the toast.

By the time you sit down to eat the fruits of your labour it can feel as though you’ve completed a mini assault course.

Well, those days might soon be a thing of the past, because this new kitchen gadget means you can create the fry up of dreams all in one go.

The Aicok 5-in-1 Toaster with Egg Boiler and Poachers is unlike any toaster you’ve seen before - mainly because we’ve never seen one that can cook an egg - saving you time with it’s multi-functional add ons.

Buy it: Aicok 5-in-1 Toaster with Egg Boiler and Poacher | £42.99 from Amazon

This futuristic-looking kitchen gadget can toast your bread, warm croissants, steam or fry eggs, and steam vegetables. In fact, it claims that it can help you prepare a mouth-watering breakfast in just five minutes.

And the joy doesn’t end there, fry-up fans.

The appliance is also easy to clean, compact enough to be stored away in a cupboard - freeing up that precious counter space - and is resistant to wear-and-tear.

Everything you need comes included and it even has a handy sensor and so switches off automatically to prevent dry burning or damage.

Sceptical? Don’t worry, if the Amazon reviews are anything to go by, so were lots of other people.

However, the five-star reviews and glowing feedback are all the proof we need to splash out on one ourselves - plus, the promise of more free time to catch up on Schmitt’s Creek.

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