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Fugitive Texas Democrat admits 'we got sloppy' being maskless on plane

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Five positive coronavirus tests later, one fugitive Texas Democratic state legislator admitted that his colleagues made a “mistake” not wearing masks on a chartered plane while fleeing their state on the way to Washington, D.C.

Democratic state Rep. Gene Wu, who has become a prolific tweeter as he and his colleagues have captured national media attention for fleeing the state, said in a tweet on Monday that the lawmakers “got sloppy.”

“Let our mistake be the object lesson,” Wu said. “Being vaccinated doesn't ALWAYS stop you from spreading the virus.”


He encouraged followers to “ALWAYS MASK UP INDOORS!”

More than 60 Democratic state legislators are in Washington, D.C., in order to break state House quorum and prevent Republican-supported voting legislation from being passed in a special session that ends Aug. 6.

On the way to Washington from Texas, the legislators were pictured smiling without masks on a chartered bus and a chartered plane, contradictory to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that recommends mask use even for vaccinated individuals on public transportation.

Though all the legislators are fully vaccinated, five of the state lawmakers tested positive for the virus over the weekend.

“Every member who tested positive had only mild (sniffles) or no symptoms,” Wu said. “This is because we've all been vaccinated and our bodies already had the anti-bodies ready to combat an infection. But having antibodies doesn't stop you from shedding viruses until they done their job.”

While in Washington, the Texas Democrats are lobbying for sweeping federal election legislation such as the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and raising awareness about voting issues. On Monday, they began a “virtual voting rights conference.”


Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is preparing to call additional special sessions until the voting regulations are passed. The legislators are so far avoiding committing to breaking quorum in another special session and are expected to return to Texas eventually, allowing the bill to be passed.

Texas House Republicans voted last week to send law enforcement to hunt down the House Democrats who fled the state, making them legislative fugitives.

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