Full Hunter's Moon glows in October sky

Full Hunter's Moon glows in October sky
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The first full moon of astronomical autumn rose over North America on Wednesday evening and people all across the continent stepped outside to get a glimpse.

October's full moon is commonly referred to as the Hunter's Moon because it is the time of year when hunters start to gather food in preparation for the winter. It is also known as the Falling Leaves Moon, the Migrating Moon, the Drying Rice Moon, and the Freezing Moon.

Folks that missed the full moon earlier this week can look for it again on Thursday evening as it will still appear nearly full.


The next full moon will be a must-see astronomical event as it will also be an impressive partial lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will be visible from North America before daybreak on Friday, Nov. 19, weather permitting. Part of the eclipse will also be visible from South America, Australia, New Zealand and eastern Asia.


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