Fun Children’s Book to Help Cultivate Healthy Living Habits in Your Child Launched by Prominent Surgeon Dr Rachel B Wellner

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Dr. Rachel B. Wellner recently released her delightful children’s book, Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows, the first installment of a planned series. Dr. Wellner draws on her personal experiences as a globe-trotting physician to share vignettes from her life and teach children about the medical field.

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In Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows, cartoon kangaroo Dr. Marsha Roo and her crew of friends live in Australia and help other animals in their town develop healthy habits. But Dr. Marsha Roo transforms into Doctoroo when there’s a mystery that needs to be solved. After someone steals all of the hot dogs and marshmallows from the 4th of July cookout, Doctoroo hops on a plane and hurries to America to investigate! Her motto is simple: “Do you have an ouch? Call Doctoroo at 1-MD-Pouch.”

Although Dr. Wellner’s series is intended for readers ages 4 to 10, older children and even adults will find much to love in the charming persona of Doctoroo. Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows is more than just a cute story. It also contains intriguing facts that can introduce children to healthy living in a fun, engaging way.

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Dr. Wellner hopes that Doctoroo will serve as a positive figure for kids and adults. As a culturally competent female physician, Doctoroo breaks barriers and uplifts others around the world. Reviewers praise not only Dr. Wellner’s compelling stories, but also the colorful illustrations and age-appropriate health instructions.

Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows is available for purchase on Amazon or wherever books are sold. Sequels in the 1-MD-Pouch series are currently in development.

Dr. Rachel Wellner is a board-certified general surgeon and a Society of Surgical Oncology-trained breast oncology surgeon. Currently she is the CEO of Caelum Diagnostic Solutions, Inc., a biotech company devoted to eliminating challenges in cancer surgery. She has appeared on several national news networks as a guest expert. More info on the book can be found online at On top of her various achievements, Dr. Wellner has assisted in a medical mission in India, and established two clinical projects - one in an underserved region of the Dominican Republic and one in Nicaragua.

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