Fun Club Launches Ground-Breaking New App to Safely Share Your "Most Lit" and "Turnt Up" Moments

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Washington, D.C.--(Newsfile Corp. - January 20, 2022) - According to reports, a new social network is entering the digital market, and it looks like it may be a formidable competitor to Instagram. Fun Club is the pioneering app created to celebrate and share your most 'lit' moments on a completely decentralized blockchain platform.

Fun Club is the first-ever app exclusively designed for live entertainment such as events, parties, and concerts. It was made extremely secure and able to generate multiple revenue streams through a variety of revenue models.

Join the Club, Share the Fun

We were never completely aware of how essential our social lives were until this horrific pandemic turned the whole planet upside down. The best parts of life are the big and small experiences, so humans today are striving to make the most of them.

That's the philosophy behind Fun Club, the feature-rich mobile app for social sharing and networking around fantastic events. Additionally, the platform allows users to join the rapidly growing network of premium events and VIPs as well.

For the first time ever, there is now an app that has the power to upgrade your social life. Its members can access private VIP events, for instance, due to its knowledge of the hottest party spots.

In fact, they can easily skip lines, and besides buying stylish merchandise, enjoy some luxury. The latter really does sound fantastic after so many lockdowns.

In essence, one's smartphone is an all-access pass to premium events and fun activities across the nation. But, it does so with a compelling twist - no grandma will see those.

Furthermore, the team behind this trailblazing company has one critical mission. It's to leave the memes and trolls to other social media networks. "Where we're going - we don't need them," says founder and CEO Priscilla Burch's brain behind the whole operation.

"What separates Fun Club from our competition is our focus and true intent being built on encouraging positive and meaningful connections, changing the way people explore and adopt entertainment through digital content, and how businesses better spend promo dollars, sell out venues and events.

In addition, Fun Club is an innovative social media platform and ushers in a new type of social media platform of the future, providing safe and pleasing user engagement particularly in the post-COVID-19 era," says Burch.

Being the first black woman-owned social media entertainment company, Fun Club is also the first social media company to put inclusion with ADA compliance as a top priority. In addition, the ground-breaking platform is the first social media business with a feasibly commercialized business model.

Burch has been collectively involved with tech and cybersecurity for over a decade now. As such, she has a keen understanding of the entertainment space crossing with her Cyber security expertise.

So, the CEO decided to utilize the two and see what it is that's missing from our social media space. Moreover, she found out how to intertwine the two together for the greater good.

The whole idea behind Fun Club is to create a safe space to enjoy one's best life without negativity or worry.

"As a little girl, I watched my father and godfather - Steveland "Stevie Wonder" Morris chase their entertainment dream, which motivated me to do great, channel my focus on those things which are purpose-driven and that creates true change…despite what society says. Since I bear witness to the enormous lack of effort surrounding social media today and the terrible effects it has on teens' mental health, being a super-spreader of misinformation and hate, in addition to, the abuse and misuse of users' data and information, I feel the need to stop what has been allowed as an accepted practice for many years," says Burch, who has big plans for the app.

Fun Club will expand to other countries as well, sharing the joie de vivre.

But for now, the ground-breaking company is set and ready for launch. Those who cannot wait can even get notified when Fun Club goes online.

You can join the VIP list here & download the Apple app here.

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