Fun Spot facing $5,000 fine by federal agency for ‘serious’ safety issue with bumper cars

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Fun Spot America in Kissimmee will be fined $5,364 fine after a federal agency investigated in February and found several electrical problems with the park’s bumper car ride, according to government records.

“The AC power supply for the two car rides had the electrical boxes installed in such a way that they were exposed to getting wet during inclement weather conditions,” read the citation that OSHA released after an Orlando Sentinel public records request. “The 400 amp power supply boxes were not waterproof and were installed by having a wooden box which was open on one side placed over them.”

The agency also found a outdoor outlet box with a cover that was cracked open so water seeped in when it rained. The box was located in the bumper car ride operator station, the citation said.

Those violations were deemed “serious,” according to OSHA which stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and is the federal agency that inspects workplaces for safety and health violations.

OSHA originally proposed fining Fun Spot $9,753 but ended up negotiating it down to a lower amount of $5,364 last month, according to OSHA records on its website. The case closed this week.

The federal agency also found two other citations when the agency investigated Feb. 10 but those other problems did not result in any fines and were not considered serious.

The bumper car ride used a short flexible extension cord instead of fixed wiring to power up the PA system. Employees also climbed over metal railings to reach the power supply boxes since the ride had no other entrance access to them, OSHA said in the records.

In addition, “At the bumper car ride, employees were exposed to electrical hazards, in that, while the ride’s floor was under power, employees were allowed to walk on the floor,” OSHA’s area director Danielle Jindra also wrote to Fun Spot in an April 21 letter.

“It is not considered appropriate at this time to issue a citation for these hazards,” Jindra added although she recommended several safety changes, including prohibiting employees from walking on the ride when the floor was powered and stopping the ride during bad weather to make sure the floor was dry before reopening.

Fun Spot did not return a message for comment.

Last month, OSHA released its investigation into the worker’s death at International Drive’s StarFlyer towering swing ride.

The report did not determine how Jacob Kaminsky, 21, fell from the ride, whether he unhooked from the safety device to prevent him from falling or if he had put the safety equipment in the wrong way. OSHA ruled StarFlyer hadn’t committed any safe violations so it wasn’t fined.

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