Fund the First, Nation’s Only Leading Verified Crowdfunding Platform for Military and First Responders, Celebrates the Value of Veterans

On Veteran’s Day — and in difficult times across the nation — it’s important to find ways to show those who have served our country that they have our support.

That’s where Fund the First comes in.

Fund the First is making a difference in the lives of first responders and veterans who are struggling to live bravely state-side. It is the first verified crowdfunding platform for first responders and military personnel to support veterans and frontline heroes. The platform was started because while first responders are the first to a crisis, many are left behind when tragedy strikes.

Fund the First has many campaigns geared toward supporting current first responders and military veterans across the nation. These individuals need support to help normalize and positively affect lives.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Fund the First pays campaign beneficiaries directly. Their mission is simple: Eliminate fraud and ensure that support reaches first responders in need.

Anyone can start a campaign on Fund the First and the sign up is free. With identification verification technology, Fund the First verifies every campaign to ensure the money raised goes to the first responder or organization it is supposed to.

Fund the First is the nation’s leading verified crowdfunding platform for first responders and military personnel that offers:

  • A trusted and secure space to raise funds for first responders and military personnel

  • A true verification vetting process to prevent fraud with a partnership with

  • Identification authentication to ensure the funds are going to the first responder or family of the beneficiary in need

  • A support system for heroes that put their lives on the line to receive financial backing through community sponsorship

"America’s servicemen and women are heroes in, and out of, uniform and the title of veteran is not just given, it is earned," said Robert Garland, CEO and founder of Fund the First. "We are passionate about providing a true and better platform that all veterans and first responders can trust."

Fund the First carries campaigns across all states and for all first responders or military personnel:

  • Military

  • Law Enforcement

  • Dispatch

  • Firefighters

  • Corrections

  • Medical

About Fund the First: Since launching in July 2020, Fund the First campaigns have been created to help first responders and military personnel receive financial support in a time of need or a time of hope. Fund the First has over 70 campaigns with over $400,000 raised. For more information, go to

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