Funeral service for fallen Spring Valley firefighter happening Saturday

A final farewell will be held Saturday for Jared Lloyd, the Spring Valley firefighter who died in the line of duty. Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Rob Gronkowski also paid tribute to Lloyd through social media after finding out he was a Bucs fan.

Video Transcript

MIKE MARZA: Turning now to a final farewell happening today. A massive fire tore through a group home in Spring Valley, that last month, firefighter Jared Lloyd rushing into the flames, making sure every resident got out safely. But tragically, he lost his own life. And today, he will be given one final honor as he is laid to rest. Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis live in Pomona with the details on that service today. Marcus?

MARCUS SOLIS: Indeed, Mike. Firefighters from near and far will converge here at a Minor League Baseball stadium that will serve a very different purpose, a solemn ceremony for a final farewell for Spring Valley firefighter, Jared Lloyd. Lloyd was with a very-- was with the very first crew that responded to that fire at Evergreen Court Home for Adults.

Second Lieutenant Lloyd and others helped lead over 100 residents to safety. However, it was on one of those trips back into the burning building that he sent out a mayday call trying-- while trying to rescue a resident. The 35-year-old father of two young boys never made it out.

Lloyd was unaccounted for, for nearly 24 hours until his body was found. The cause of the fire has still not yet been determined, but the district attorney says a criminal investigation is underway.

WILLIAM MCGOVERN: This is a methodical, drawn out investigation that we anticipate to take at least several weeks, if not a month or two. We will gather factual, evidence based data, and from that data draw hypotheses regarding both the origin and the cause of this fire.

MARCUS SOLIS: Following the funeral, there will be a procession from the ballpark to the cemetery, making one stop at Lloyd's firehouse, where his casket will stop. And there, Firefighter Lloyd will answer his final call.