Funeral Service To Be Held For Dianna Brice Who Was Found Shot To Death In Southwest Philly

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript

- Saying goodbye to a pregnant young mother. Family and friends gather for the funeral of Dianna Brice. Brice was found shot to death in Southwest Philadelphia.

One person is in custody in connection to her death. And police are searching for another. Alecia Reid is in Upper Darby where family and friends are remembering a young life abruptly cut short. Alecia.

ALECIA REID: Good evening, Jess. Dianna's family tells me they do not want this awful tragedy to be her legacy. Instead, they're taking the time to honor her memory and remember her spirit. On what would have been her 22nd birthday, Dianna Brice's family is holding her funeral.

- She had a whole lot to live for.

- It's disturbing.

ALECIA REID: Loved ones continue to gather at Donahue Funeral Home with pictures of Dianna printed across t-shirts and hoodies. Her family says Dianna's spirit could brighten anyone's day. She had an infectious laugh, loved music and dancing, and was caring to everyone around her.

GARY BRICE SR: She was my world. I can't replace her. And the only thing I can say is that she didn't deserve what happened to her.

ALECIA REID: This awful tragedy took four-year-old AJ's mother. Family members tell me Dianna lived for her son and wouldn't go an hour without calling to check on him whenever she left the house. Birthdays and holidays were always extra special.

- That's what broke me down today, seeing him.

ALECIA REID: Dianna was 14 weeks pregnant and hoped for girl. Her son AJ wanted a little brother. We're now learning AJ would have gotten his wish.

GARY BRICE SR: We got to stop all this senseless killing. Now they killing kids and babies. This is just getting out of hand.

ALECIA REID: The 21-year-old wanted a career as a dialysis technician and was supposed to start phlebotomy classes this month. Instead, her family will now have to care for the child she left behind.

KEVIN RYAN: It's something that nobody ever prepares for. There's never a dress rehearsal for this.

ALECIA REID: Dianna's boyfriend, Justin Smith, is a suspect in her murder and remains at large. 21-year-old Tylydia Garnett, who was arrested in connection to the murder, was released on bail. I did speak to her lawyer today who told me they're currently preparing for her preliminary hearing that's set for April 26. Reporting live from Upper Darby, Alecia Reid, a CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

OK. Alecia, thank you.