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Funny dad films how he treats his ex-wife when she visits: ‘Co-parenting at its finest’

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Co-parenting is never easy, but this husband makes it look like a breeze.

Divorces can be messy. The end of a long-term relationship can bring out the worst in people. Things can quickly get hurtful and chaotic. But one couple has shirked the drama in exchange for some genuine camaraderie.

TikTok dad Jimmy and his ex are co-parenting their teenage son. The trio spends a lot of time together making funny videos and having family fun. In one video, Jimmy shared what it was like when his ex-wife came over. And it was really something else.

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His ex-wife was minding her own business when Jimmy hopped onto the couch lip-syncing to a song. He switched his hips and danced up close to her. She put on a sheepish smile while their son looked unimpressed in the background. Even with co-parenting, the dad jokes are free-flowing.

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This hilarious clip racked up 19.9 million views and 1.4 million likes on TikTok.

“LMAO. This is co-parenting at its finest,” a user wrote.

“Your son is like, ‘Dad, chill — this is why mom is the ex,'” another joked.

“Just because they aren’t in love doesn’t mean they don’t love one another,” a person commented.

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