Fury As 65-Year-Old Man ‘Gets Married To 12-Year-Old’ In New York

It’s a horrifying scene - a man old enough to draw a pension marrying a child, right in the middle of New York’s Times Square.

When passers by ask what’s happening, the old man replies, ‘She’s young, yeah, but the parents, they give me permission’.

Horrified onlookers yell, ‘You’re a f***ing sick pervert’ at the man - but the scene isn’t what it seems.

The entire ‘wedding’ was a fake, dreamed up by YouTuber Coby Persin to highlight the global problem of child marriage.

Not only are an estimated 33,000 children married every day, marriage to girls as young as 12 remains legal in some American states.

Persin says, ‘I recently saw how child marriage is legal in 91 countries in the world. Children as young as six years old are forced to marry older men and have their childhoold stripped away from them.

‘What if it was legal in the United States? It is - in some states, you can be married at 12 years old…’