Future Of Keller High Indians Mascot To Be Discussed At Monday Night School Board Meeting

Opponents of the Keller High School Indians say they hope it means the beginning of the end of their five-year fight for change.

Video Transcript

- A mascot is going to be the topic of discussion at a Keller ISD school board meeting tonight. Opponents of the Keller High School Indians mascot say that they hope this means the beginning of the end of their five-year fight for a change. Here's Brooke Rogers.

- The current fight for a lot of us down here is to have the Texas schools get rid of Native American mascots.

BROOKE ROGERS: It's a fight that gathered momentum thanks to a PBS documentary earlier this year called "Changing a Racist Mascot" and featuring Keller ISD. But opponents say change is long overdue.

WENDEL WITHROW: It may not be easy to make that change. But as we've seen from Atlanta and other hate crimes and just blatant racism, words matter and symbols matter.

BROOKE ROGERS: Withrow will voice his opinion at Monday night's school board meeting, where he says the topic is at last on the agenda. He'll be joined by indigenous rights activist Yolanda Blue Horse.

YOLONDA BLUE HORSE: They're not either accepting, or not wanting to acknowledge, that it is wrong. You know, Native Americans, Indigenous people, we are the only people that are turned the mascots, turned into caricatures.

BROOKE ROGERS: Supporters say the mascot honors Native Americans.

- Keller Indians is rich in tradition and heritage. Our tradition as a Keller resident.

BROOKE ROGERS: The nearly 35,000 people who have signed a petition for the mascot to change disagree. While a vote is not expected tonight, Blue Horse says she's cautiously optimistic that it will happen soon, for the sake of the students.

YOLONDA BLUE HORSE: These are our future leaders. Do you want them to grow up thinking that it is OK to make fun of another race, to turn them into cartoon characters, or you know, or mascots? It's not. It really isn't.

BROOKE ROGERS: The board meeting is tonight at 6:30. Keller ISD declined to comment on the matter. Brooke Rogers, CBS 11 News.