FYI, These Cat Trees Will Keep Your Feline Friends Entertained

72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo



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This cat tree has everything: cat condos, multiple perches, toy attachments, scratching ramps, scratching posts, and fluffy lining to keep your kitties cozy.

THE REVIEW: "I bought this for my small studio apartment to give my cats more activity space," wrote one customer. "It was so easy to build, [and is] pretty sturdy. I have a large ragdoll cat and it doesn't move around or shake when it climbs on it."

Fruit World Cat Tree

Happy & Polly


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Looking for a cat tree that's equal parts cute and functional? Look no further. This fruit-themed cat tree from Happy & Polly is purrfect. It's got everything: scratching posts, four levels for jumping, a hammock, a cute little bed at the top for rest and bird watching, and two ball toys. Be warned: the ball toys do have bells in them, so if you enjoy your sleep, this one is probably best kept in the living area.

THE REVIEW: "The cat tree is super soft and the fabric has held up incredibly even with my three cats intensely scratching at it," one customer raved. "They love it so much they fight over the prime sleeping spots."

(Happy&Polly Pet Supplies)
Wooden Cat Tree Tower



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Love to spoil your fur baby? This extravagant cat tree is definitely the way to do it. Made from natural wood, this whimsical lil tower is treated and adorned with cat-friendly accessories like plush pillows, a cat condo, ball toys, and a leaf-like hammock that completes the flower tree design.

THE REVIEW: "These are a work of art and even my fussy, spoiled cats love theirs," wrote one customer. "The flower pillows are cozy and soft, the scratching areas are satisfying and there is room for both of them. If you've bought cat trees that were imported and wobbly and covered in beige carpet, these are so next level, there is no comparison."

The Elm 19.7-in Jute Cat Scratching Post

Two By Two


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This small, but mighty cat tree is perfect for those who don't have the space to turn their homes into a cat playground. More of a scratching post-toy combo than a cat tree, this model features a top for cats to balance on and multiple toys to keep your kitty busy.

THE REVIEW: "Our cat loves this tower," wrote one customer. "The bottom when she plays with them makes it so worth while! Keeps her entertained for hours."

(Two by Two/Chewy)
Cat Tree with Leaves

On2 Pets


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This On2 Pets tree, with its various floors and leaf attachments, gives cats the feeling of the outdoors in the safety of their own homes.

THE REVIEW: "This is an amazing cat tree. My cats love it and have been going nuts with it," wrote one cat parent. "None of the leaves [have fallen] off and they have chewed at them and pulled at them a lot... I am 100% happy with this product."

(On2 Pets Store/Amazon)
Cat Tree with Feather Toy



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Ideal for small cats or kittens, this cat tree has all the basics: two scratching posts, a hammock for lounging, a feather toy, and a top shelf tall enough for your cat to look out the window or survey their territory.

THE REVIEW: "Almost a year later, and my cat still loves his tree," one reviewer said. "He loves jumping on the top area, and he loves sleeping in the hammock."

Loki Modern Real Pine Plywood Cat Tree Condo Tower



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If your cat likes hard surfaces (closed laptops, table tops, bookshelves, etc.), this is the cat tree for you. Sleek and simple, the Loki cat tree features four floors, a condo at the bottom for your cat to hide in, and a box bed design that looks less like a fluffy pillow and more like the empty Amazon boxes your cat loves to sneak into.

THE REVIEW: "The Loki tree was very easy to put together and the shipping was fast," wrote one customer. "I really like the neutral colors of the tree, as it is in our living room and does not stand out."

Cat Scratching Post Tall Blooming Cactus



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More scratching post than cat tree, this gorgeous cactus bloom is the perfect option for a kitty who doesn't love lounging as much as they do climbing up anything and everything. Plus, it's much cuter than your average scratching post.

THE REVIEW: "My cat absolutely loves this. She has claimed and owned it since day one," wrote one satisfied customer. "Its durability is amazing. Very strong structure and definitely worth the money."

Cat Toy

Cat Dancer


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To go along with your cat tree? This tiny interactive toy. The Cat Dancer features small cardboard rolls to grab your kitty's attention and a wire that bounces, making it a challenge to catch. So simple, and yet so effective. Pro tip: though it's marketed for use as a toy on its own, it's also very easy to weigh down or attach to another surface — like, say, a cat tree — to entertain your cat while you're away. (Just be careful not to weigh it down with anything heavy that could fall and hit your precious fur baby.)

THE REVIEW: "My cat prefers this to all his other string toys, and it is much more durable," wrote one reviewer. "Probably the best advantage is your cat cannot wrap itself up in this toy... Safe, durable, inexpensive, and a cat's favorite."


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We've compared the best cat trees out there to find the perfect one for your cat and living space.