G League Ignite vs. Salt Lake City Stars - Game Highlights

Watch the Game Highlights from G League Ignite vs. Salt Lake City Stars, 02/26/2021

Video Transcript

- What you got to be able to do as a big man on this squad, rebound, contest at the rim, and finish easy ones.

- There's an easy one inside and a big-time throwdown by Govan.

One of the coaches on the floor for Brian Shaw's squad. Here's Kuminga. Nice-looking move along the baseline.

If you're taking a 2, one free throw worth potentially 2. And then, obviously, on an and 1 situation, just 1. As Green in transition throws it down again.

And now the Stars go the other way. Alley-oop. They had the reverse throwdown by Bey.

--like Jalen Green. Salt Lake City, though, up by 3.

Bluiett gives it up. All the way to the bucket. And a foul for Dakarai Allen.

- Really good patience to find the open gap. You penetrate the paint once, you kick it back out, and then you charge right back in to the rim. Govan is slow to get back over.

- So many incredible players on the floor here in the G League just trying for an opportunity to get to that level. Good-looking drive again by Allen.

Here's Green. What athleticism by Green, who tried to throw it down, but Gill was in his way. Ferrell the other way. And a 3 by Dakarai-- correction, by Trevon Bluiett. What a defensive play here by Gill.

- Oh, Gill showed a lot of courage getting in front of the young guy.

--for the pass to make that shot.

- Here's Bluiett trying again, and Trevon Bluiett does it one more time.

- --points off 11 Ignite turnovers.

- Watch this team through 19 minutes as Green lobs it up to Kuminga. What a combination.

- --and try to find some driving angles to get to the rim. Ignite 2 for 10, so the outside shot hasn't worked. But that's a great start by Green getting right to the rack.

- He committed to go to Michigan, a five-star recruit, as if Michigan, currently the number three team in college basketball, needs any more firepower.

Right, the fine line between bull-rushing opponents, as he did in high school and now at the NBA level or the G League level.

Seven on the shot clock. And a big-time drive and finish by Tyler Bey.

- Bey sizes up Nix. No effective switch. And flushes it down on the finish. I mean, the spin and how quickly he got to the rim--

- --or the shot clock violation here. Time will run out as Singh launches a 3 and connects. First career G League 3 for Princepal Singh.