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The G.O.A.T.s: Who wore #13 the best?

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Many may call the number unlucky, but some modern day greats and all-time legends of the game have worn the number 13 throughout NBA history. Yahoo Sports asked current NBA players to name who came to mind when they thought of the number.

Video Transcript

- When you think of a player wearing the number 13, who do you think of?

- 13?

- Number 13.

- 13?

- Oh my! Look out below!

- Oh, that's tough.

- 13, that's a tough group, of course.

- A player that wears number 13 that comes to mind, Wilt Chamberlain.

- Flynn Robinson dumps. And, boom, Wilt Chamberlain.

- Chamberlain. Basket counts. He was fouled.

- Wilt Chamberlain is probably arguably one of the best centers of all time and wore the Warrior jersey as well. So he's got to be at the top of the list.

- Don't get the man mad. When he drives, look out.

- And then a sentimental one for me is Bobby Phills, a guy that I actually saw play in Charlotte. That 13 means a little something different for him.

- Phills open. Buddy, here's 2.

- Number 13, first one that comes to mind is Paul George.

- George. Oh my! Look out below!

- I'd just say his ability to play on play on both sides of the ball, defense, offense. And his length, athleticism, ball-handling skills, ability to pass. He does a lot of great things on both ends of the floor. He's a true two-way player.

- I would say Bam Adebayo just because I feel like he's changing the league.

- Adebayo! Bam says, get it out of here.

- Being a big guy that can pass the ball, that can dribble, that can make plays for others. He's definitely molding a lot of big guys like myself into what we are today.

- When I think of a player that wears 13, James Harden.

- James Harden.

- Definitely say James Harden.

- Harden. The Euro for 2. The beard going to the basket.

- That's 13 himself, James Harden. One of the best, if not the best, scorer to ever play the game.

- Harden, step back J. He's got it.

- 13, he made it really dope, honestly, to wear it.

- If I think of 13, I'm definitely thinking of James Harden. He's just such a flashy player. I'm definitely gonna gravitate towards James Harden when I hear number 13.

- When I think of the number 13, I think of Steve Nash.

- Steve Nash.

- Probably have to be Steve Nash.

- Here comes Nash. Oh, what a move on Carter. And scores.

- Steve Nash.

- I'm gonna have go with Steve Nash. Just an absolute wizard.

- Seven seconds on the shot clock. Nash behind the back to Amar'e.

- Nash takes him off the dribble. Wrap around to Stoudemire and the foul. What a pass from Steve Nash.

- I mean, I got to give it to the-- he's one of the OGs, Nash. I played against Nash. And, man, he was a tough cover every night.

- I think of number 13, I think of Steve Nash.

- Nash has a three-on-two if he hurries. The wrap-around is nifty. The Dunking Deutschman on the dish from Nash. You got to love it.

- Being from Dallas-- he played for Dallas, obviously. And I think he's one of the best point guards of all time and somebody I really watched. And I admired his game a lot.

- Nash looking to escape Alvin Williams. Taking it all the way. Oh, Nash!

- Growing up just idolizing him. Going to Phoenix on vacation a lot as a kid, we had a chance to go to some Suns games. And I'll never forget watching his teams.

- I'm a Kobe fan, and Kobe was playing the Phoenix Suns a lot. So I watched him battle Nash a lot of times. With 13, definitely what comes to my mind, Steve Nash.

- Ball's loose. Nash with three, Nash with two, and he hit it.

- He's a legend where I'm from in Canada. It made young kids from Canada like me want to aspire to be an NBA player. A guy who puts so much time into his craft. When I think of 13, I think of Steve Nash.

- When you think of a player wearing the number 13, who comes to mind?

- I mean, I come to mind for sure. I want to make sure I come to mind like forever.