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The G.O.A.T.s: Who wore #32 the best?

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The Mailman. Magic. Shaq. Which Hall of Famer wore the number 32 the best? Yahoo Sports asked current NBA players to give their picks.

Video Transcript

- The number 32, who comes to mind and why?

- Magic Johnson.

- And why is that?

- Because he's Magic Johnson.


- Well, Magic Johnson.

- I'd say Magic Johnson.

- Magic Johnson.

- Oh, no! He took it back over his shoulder.

- At his size to be able to do some of the things he did, he kind of revolutionized the game. And to play as fast as he was.

- The way he passed the ball, the way he moved the ball.

- IQ and passing ability was, you know, out of this world.

- He commanded his offense. He controlled the game.

- You know, he's one of the greatest to ever, you know, play this game.

- I'll probably say Karl Malone. He's a big dude.

- The Mailman!

- From a talent perspective, you know, wore it well and made that number proud to share.

- Karl Malone as well. But I probably would say the Shaq.

- Shaquille.

- He's one of those big guys that you just always see him as a dominant figure.

- Shaquille! Whoa!

- Dr. J used the wear that number too. If you go back far in his films, he used the wear that number too. And I'll always be a Dr. J fan.

- Magic, for sure.

- Yeah, I would say my favorite person to wear number 32 is Magic Johnson.

- No offense to the other 32s, but his ability to you know, run those Showtime Lakers. It's pretty special.

- He was a highlight reel. Basically it's show time anytime he passed.

- All of these no-look passes and things like that.

- You know you've got the fans up on their feet.

- At his size, man, it's just so rare, just so different.

- He's kind of been, you know, my Idol growing up, just watching old film and things like that. And he recently tweeted at me, so that was a very exciting moment for me. So I would definitely say Magic Johnson.

- That number definitely has some history behind it.


- Stockton-- in a hurry.

- Oh!


- Playing off the bench. There it is. Duncan facing Malone. Karl lapped it away.

- O'Neill tries the baseline, runs out of real estate. Oh, he comes back and stuffs it home!



- The drive in on Griffith-- it's blocked by Malone.



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