GA prosecutors eye Trump crimes, but put RICO and rap first | Melber-Big Boy

While Georgia prosecutors have targeted some Trump allies for indictment over alleged 2020 election crimes, the D.A. has moved quickly on other cases — including a controversial racketeering indictment against musicians that tries to use their art and lyrics as criminal evidence. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent (and music obsessive) Ari Melber talks to hip-hop journalist and radio pioneer Kurt Alexander, known as Big Boy, discussing that RICO case, and many other music topics, in this wide-ranging digital exclusive. “It's so wild that we continue to have these conversations for 30 years… If [rap] is an art form.. where does it stop?,” Big Boy asks. The two also discuss lyrics, rap history, radio and TV interviewing, classic albums, “dream” concert matchups, and the role of streaming and music copyright in the coming Metaverse era.