Ga. Woman’s Home Swarmed by at Least 100,000 Bees — and It’s Not the First Time

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bees in house
bees in house

Courtesy Lisa Ohrmundt The swarm of bees inside Lisa Ohrmundt's home

A Georgia woman was bee-yond displeased after finding a massive beehive inside her home — and it's the fourth time that it's occurred since moving in!

Lisa Ohrmundt told CNN that she found at least 100,000 bees living inside her Decatur home in April after noticing them flying around the outside of her house and disappearing.

"You see them going in and out and you think, 'That's odd!'" Ohrmundt recalled to the outlet.

Georgia Bee Removal was ultimately called to the residence, where they removed two full containers of bees, CNN reported.

But oddly enough, this wasn't the first encounter that Ohrmundt has had with the insects in her home.

According to Ohrmundt, she has removed the unwelcome visitors four separate times since moving into the home 14 years ago.

bees in house
bees in house

Courtesy Lisa Ohrmundt The swarm of bees that were inside Lisa Ohrmundt's home

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"Four years ago, in May of 2017, we had a really big hive taken out," she explained to CNN. "A couple [of] years later, we had a smaller one taken out. Then a week or so ago, we had a smaller one taken out, and then this one ... hopefully is the grand finale."

After the first huge swarm in 2017, which involved more than 120,000 bees, Ohrmundt was notified by a neighbor that the previous owner also dealt with bee problems, CNN reported.

With the latest encounter, Ohrmundt said close to two dozen bees would constantly be flying near the entrance to her home.

"This time, a lot of bees kept getting in our house," she explained to CNN. "Any given day, there would be 20 to 25 bees at the base of our sliding glass door."

Finally, Bobby Chaisson, the operations director at Georgia Bee Removal, was called to the home, where he cut open a part of the ceiling and revealed the massive hive.

The terrifying moment was captured on video by Ohrmundt and shared to Facebook on April 28, with the caption "Ok, here it is! Bees 2021!!!"

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Speaking to CNN after the ordeal, Chaisson said of the bees: "It's crazy, the ones we have removed from there, because generally an average colony of bees that have moved in and 'set up shop' so to speak, will be about 40,000 bees on average, and as you can see, the ones there are gigantic."

As for why the bees keep returning to the home, Chaisson didn't have many answers.

"They just love that house," he told CNN. "I don't know what it is, it's like they have a sign on the side of the house that says: 'Bees Welcome, Please Move In.'"

"Word on the street is it's a great place to live!" Ohrmundt jokingly added to the outlet.

With the bees now cleared from her home (again), Ohrmundt said she hopes this is the final bee encounter — but certainly isn't holding her breath.

"I had [Bobby] go down the wall with his heat sensor to see about any other potential homes," she told CNN. "Hopefully not, but I wouldn't rule anything out."

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