Gadget spam or just trolling? Samsung preps ninth version of Galaxy S4

Gadget spam or just trolling? Samsung preps ninth version of Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone and the company seems hell-bent on making sure we don’t forget it. We have questioned in the past whether or not Samsung was trolling the world when it launched an 8-inch tablet that was also a phone. You read that properly — an 8-inch tablet that’s also a cell phone. Now, Samsung’s dark sense of humor may have once again reared its ugly head as the company reportedly prepares to launch its ninth different version of the Galaxy S4. That’s right… ninth.

Currently, Samsung sells eight different versions of the Galaxy S4. We’re not talking about eight different SKUs with varying amounts of storage, we’re talking about eight unique model numbers belonging to eight different phones. For those keeping score at home, here they are:

  1. Galaxy S4 SGH-I545

  2. Galaxy S4 I9502

  3. Galaxy S4 Ii9500

  4. Galaxy S4 I9505

  5. Galaxy S4 Active I9295

  6. Galaxy S4 mini I9190

  7. Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C1010

  8. Galaxy S4 (LTE-A) SHV-E330S

Now, according to a leaked flyer posted by Korean-language Ruliweb, the world will soon have its ninth version of the Galaxy S4: a Galaxy S4 Active variant with LTE-A compatibility. If you’re playing Galaxy S4 bingo, the model number on this new S4 Active will apparent be SHV-E470S. So now, it’s only a matter of time until the lucky number 10 shows up.

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