Galaxy S10 updates have made its night mode just as good as the Pixel’s

Jacob Siegal

Google has yet to achieve the same mass market appeal with its Pixel line as Apple has with the iPhone or Samsung has with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, but there are several things that the Pixel does better than its biggest rivals. One of the Pixel 3’s most impressive features is Night Sight, but following a series of software updates post-launch, Samsung has closed the gap and possibly even surpassed Google with its Galaxy S10.

XDA recently published a fascinating review of the Galaxy S10 focusing exclusively on how far the camera has come since the phone’s launch in March. Many of the most exciting advancements in smartphone camera technology have come via software updates, so it makes sense that phone cameras would continue to improve post-launch. What’s surprising is just how much the Galaxy S10 camera has improved in just three months.

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As XDA notes, the Galaxy S10 did not have the best smartphone camera on the market at launch, despite Samsung bringing a triple camera setup to the 2019 flagship. There were shockingly few significant hardware upgrades aside from the additional lens, but the biggest disappointment was the lack of a true night mode.

But Samsung finally addressed this flaw in its May update for international S10 models, and the results are stunning. Imgur user melburnian published an album of photos taken with Google’s Pixel 3 and Samsung’s Galaxy S10, both using their respective night modes, and you can be the judge:

It’s worth checking out the entire album, but between the photos in XDA’s review and elsewhere, it’s clear that the S10 has, at the very least, come close to matching Google’s Night Sight. Unfortunately, the features contained within the May update for Exynos Galaxy S10 models have yet to reach the Snapdragon models (which are what we get in the US), so you won’t see these improvements on your own S10 quite yet.

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