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Gallinari, Hawks keep Celtics reeling

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The Celtics struggled once again, falling to the Hawks on Wednesday night for their 14th loss in their last 21 games.

Video Transcript

CHRIS MILES: Boston, it's been cold on the floor for them. Just 7 and 14 in their last 21 games. Terrible in the month of February. Let's start with the Atlanta Hawks and Trae Young. He's ice cold always against Boston this season, averaging 35 points a game. Say it again, Brendan. Say it with your chest.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Should have been an All-Star.

CHRIS MILES: Well, ask the Celtics about that tonight because they saw firsthand just how good Trae Young is.

GREG ANTHONY: I want to know who shouldn't have been an All-Star if he should have been.

CHRIS MILES: We got a whole segment for that coming up, fellas.


CHRIS MILES: Well, Jayson Tatum getting his second consecutive All-Star nod. Trae Young, only player in the top 10 in scoring not named an All-Star. He's got a vendetta. Never been better, Brendan.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Oh, my goodness. Man, listen, he's pulling up from he logo right there. Now, you see him snaking the screen, getting to the step. Hey, come on, Trae. Hey, Trae trying to prove a point tonight. He's playing around with these guys.


CHRIS MILES: 17 points in the first quarter but he wasn't alone heating up. Danilo Gallinari, 18 points in the second quarter, GA.

GREG ANTHONY: Oh, my goodness. So they had a 17-point quarter and then an 18. And Danilo just-- oh, come on, man. I mean, I guess you must practice those shots to shoot those in the game because that was deep!

CHRIS MILES: You don't practice this, he's just fooling around, Brendan.

GREG ANTHONY: Oh, my goodness.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Oh, come on, man.

CHRIS MILES: Got to keep your head on a swivel.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Hey, man. Hey, never take your eye off the ball. That's what my coach told me.

CHRIS MILES: Young, 33 points.

GREG ANTHONY: There's something in the water in Boston, man. There's something going on with them Celtics.

CHRIS MILES: Well, something's going on with Danilo. Gallinari made 10 3's, missed just two, 38 points. Hawks made 23 3's, and that ties a franchise record. They win it 127 to 112. Let's listen in on Trae Young.

TRAE YOUNG: Appreciate it. We needed it-- needed to get a win. And good to be back home and get a good win for us.

- The Hawks tonight hit 23 3's. And your boy, Gallinari, set an all-time Hawks record tonight with 10 3's.

TRAE YOUNG: Yeah. Nah, that's awesome. That's awesome. I was trying to get him the NBA record with 15, but it was just everybody was aware of it. So it's a great, great game for my whole team, especially from Gallo. Great to see it.

- Hey, Trae? After a really tough one yesterday, what was your focus coming? What was the team focus, and what did Coach Pierce say to you guys before the game after such a tough game last night?

TRAE YOUNG: Bounce back. I mean, for us, we look each other in the eyes, and we wanted to win. And we knew what happened last night and how we let that game slip away. So for us, we wanted to bounce back.

In this league, you play so many games. You can't let one dwindle too long. So for us, we just stay focused and try to get this win tonight.

- Great job. Great job, son.

TRAE YOUNG: Thank you.

- Trae, this was an amazing performance not only by you but by the entire team. And you said it. Fans I think sometimes take these losses and carry with you for days, but the players can't. The coaches can't. You got another game in 24 hours. You got to get ready.

TRAE YOUNG: Yeah. No, that's this league. That's the NBA. You got a game every day or every other day. And when you're not playing, you're still studying. You're still practicing. And for us, we just got to continue to prepare like we've been and just continue to get better and learn how to win these games.

- Well, it paid off. Finally good to beat these guys in Atlanta, isn't it?

TRAE YOUNG: Yeah, it feels good. It feels good.

CHRIS MILES: Well, you heard Trae Young talk about bouncing back from that one-point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and showing up and getting this win. Resilient is a way that we could describe the Hawks tonight, and Danilo Gallinari hitting it from everywhere.

GREG ANTHONY: He was amazing. And they haven't seen that Danilo Gallinari this season-- injury, and he just hasn't played the way we've grown accustomed to seeing him play the game of basketball. And I think with the expectations being so high for this Hawks team coming into the season, bringing over Bogdanovic, all the moves that they've made, the growth they were expecting from the young players. And it just really didn't show up in the won-loss column. And so that's been a issue for them, but there were no issues for Gallinari tonight.

CHRIS MILES: Brendan, they said he hit it from the MLK logo.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Hey, listen, he shot that one for the MLK logo. Hey, that's the "I have a dream 3" right there. Like, listen, he was absolutely on fire, had himself a ball game. Listen, you're happy some nights if you get 38 points off your pitch total.

If you get 38 points off of one guy off the bench, he's having a hell of a night. And Atlanta played very well. But on the flip side, Boston? Whew, they are reeling.