Gallup Poll: Biden overall approval 38% even as 82% of Democrats approve of him

According to a Gallup Poll published Friday President Joe Biden's overall approval rating is 38%. Among Democrats it's 82%. Republican approval ratings for Biden are extremely low, according to the poll. Photo by Leigh Vogel/UPI
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Feb. 23 (UPI) -- A Gallup Poll published Friday shows President Joe Biden's approval rating at 38%, a drop of three points. Biden's numbers in the poll were underwater across five separate issues.

Among Democrats, Biden's numbers are considerably better, with 82% approval of his overall job as president.

Biden's lowest approval number was 28% on immigration.

On Ukraine, Biden's approval rating was 40%. On the Israeli-Palestinian Middle East issue it was 30%.

"Biden's approval rating has not risen above 44% since August 2021, and his 39.8% average rating for his third year in office was the second worst among post-World War II presidents elected to their first term," Gallup said in a statement.

On the economy, 75% of Democrats approve and, on Ukraine, it's 72%. Democratic approval of Biden was 69% on foreign affairs, 55% on immigration and 51% on the Middle East.

The extremely low Biden approval ratings from Republicans on everything skew the overall results considerably.

According to Gallup, they give the president 3% approval on immigration , 4% on the economy, 17% on the Middle East and 16% on Ukraine.

Gallup said, "Biden's overall job rating has slipped to 38%, and his ratings on immigration, the Israel-Hamas situation, foreign affairs and the economy are even lower. He has lost some ground among his party in recent months on immigration and the situations in the Middle East and Ukraine, though his overall rating hasn't dropped among Democrats."

Typically, an incumbent president needs a 50% approval rating for best chances of staying in office, according to Gallup.