Galveston Co. devises way to get underserved vaccinated

The county's food bank sees up to 600 cars almost daily at their mobile food distribution sites. The county used this as a way to expand their reach.

Video Transcript

- That's right, [? Elise. ?] Well, they started by [? UT&B ?] printing out these flyers. Now, on the front of the flyer, it tells you exactly how you can register to get the vaccine. On the back, it has answers to some frequently asked questions. They also have bookmarks. Again, this all has information about the vaccine. And it's all in an effort to get that information out there.

- She needs some more milk.

- Some more milk?

- Yes, sir.

- Volunteers from the Galveston County Food Bank are loading up cars.

- We do mobile food distributions pretty much six days a week. Mostly, we do them two times a day. We see around 200 or 300 cars, which represents a family.

- Today, in addition to food--

- I have a flyer here. If you know anybody that needs information on how to sign up--

- The food bank is also delivering information, passing out flyers about how to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine.

- And we're partnering with you [? UT&B. ?] They created some awesome flyers to help us get the word out about the COVID-19 vaccination. Mobile food distributions are a great way for us to get resources out to the community, because people come in mass.

- They see up to 600 cars a day.

- So I'm 80.

- You're 80. You're like, I'm getting it.

- While a number of people had already had their dose, some like Sam really needed that information.

- Well, I've been trying to get it for about a month. But I cannot-- I don't know who to get in touch with, or anything like that.

- So does this kind of make you feel better, getting that flyer?

- Oh, yeah, uh-huh.

- The flyer provides details on how to get vaccinated. Passing it out at the mobile food donation sites, it's just one way they're working to get the message out.

- We are approaching churches. We're approaching home health agencies. We are approaching some other public clinics, where people come for regular care.

- For people like Sam, he's grateful to be leaving with a truck full of food and a flyer for a life-saving vaccine.

- That will help a lot, 100%.

- Now, we're at one of those mass vaccination sites in Galveston County. People are lined up. This is one of the drive-through clinics. They were able to vaccinate close to 4,000 people here today. In fact, we're told today could actually be a record for them.