Galveston Co. looking for volunteers to administer vaccines

They're vaccinating 15,000 people at a League City site per week so they'd like to have more volunteers on board.

Video Transcript

- I'm going to have you pull your sleeve up.

- Kelly Shephard is a UTMB nursing student.

KELLY SHEPHARD: I'm a nursing student, and I've been virtual a lot. So I thought this would be a good way to get some experience with patients and my shots. And it has been.

- The medical industry runs in her family. Our whole family's in the medical field, so it's been interesting. I've gotten to hear about it, and I wanted to go into it.

- In fact, after Kelly started vaccinating--

- First dose?

- Her mom, Angela, decided to start volunteering too.

ANGELA SHEPHARD: I retired in September from full-time practice and teaching at UTMB, and Kelly came out probably a month ago, and was telling me about it, and I could tell it was really good experience, and I thought, I want to go out there too.

- This mother and daughter duo are part of the 140 volunteers out here today.

ANNE O'CONNELL: About 75% of everyone here are volunteers.

- Anne O'Connell is with the UTMB vaccine program. UTMB, Galveston County, and the health district, and volunteers are making all of this happen. And they'd love to see more.

ANNE O'CONNELL: All types. But we are really hoping to recruit those who have a medical or clinical background. We love it when physicians, nurses, medical assistants.

- You don't have to be a doctor or a nurse either. People in other professions could administer doses, such as vets, dentists, and medical students like Kelly.

KELLY SHEPHARD: It's just a really good feeling that you're being able to help someone.