Doctor who lost wife to COVID-19 now determined to fight back

He said the death of his wife gave his life an extra meaning, and now he's working tirelessly to help Texans receive the vaccine.

Video Transcript

- Have you had a vaccine of any sort in the past two weeks?

- Karen Reese is getting the vaccine. She has COPD and needs oxygen, which puts her at high risk.

- I wasn't out of the house for almost a year until two weeks ago.

- About 3,000 people will be vaccinated here today. UTMB, the county health district, and Galveston County have all teamed up for this effort, and it's paying off. 20% of the entire adult population of 16 and older have been vaccinated in Galveston County.

- We have not only steady supply, actually, we are receiving more and more vaccine doses. This week between first and second dose vaccines available, we are going to do almost 18,000 doses.

- Now they're getting ready to vaccinate educators too and have opened the waitlist now to all adults 16 and over.

- We have now put many, many more categories also that people can self identify on our waitlist because we believe that these categories will be opened up, again, in specific order.

- As for Karen, she got her first dose today.

- I'm excited. Yeah, it's getting back a little bit of normalcy. You can get out more and have a life again.

- Good job, guys.

- And that's something to get excited about.