Galvestonians feel sense of comfort at church vaccine site

UTMB teamed up with West Point Baptist Church in Galveston to issue 200 doses of the vaccine, and it was a life-saving event for many.

Video Transcript

- West Point Baptist Church in Galveston teamed up with UTMB and is now vaccinating people right here in the community. 200 people just today.

- I was baptized, born and raised in here. What, four, five years old, my grandmother and my mom came--

- Jeral Woodworth has spent many Sundays sitting in these pews. A recent message from Sunday service brought him back today.

- Are you having allergies from anything?

- No.

- The message was about the vaccine.

- I trust my church. I trust my pastor, Reverend Carey Tillman.

- Sunday morning, not necessarily preaching about it, just encouraging the folk to take advantage of it here, at a place where they'll feel more comfortable.

- Pastor Tillman of West Point Baptist Church said some people have had reservations about getting the shot. But here, at church, this is a place they know. He reached out to other African-American churches in the area, too, to tell them about the mobile vaccine site put on with the help of UTMB. They administer doses inside--

- It might be a little sore

- --at people's cars, and even went to homes. I think as it goes and more people are coming out of it all right and it's working, I think that the comfort level will grow.

- One place that brings comfort to Jeral is his church.

- This is normal for me, to be in here. But for something like this, it's just wonderful. And I advise anybody, take the shot.

- After getting the vaccine, he spent the 15 minute observation period in one of the pews. In a sanctuary, he's already experienced so many big moments of his life. Now getting vaccinated is added to that.

- Other than baptism and joining church, this is huge. This is huge because, it's life-changing.

- UTMB plans to hold even more mobile vaccination sites in the future, including one right here at this church.