Game commission looking into bear reports

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Jun. 10—The Pennsylvania Game Commission believes a bear who roamed Scranton on Thursday afternoon retreated back into the woods.

The bear was last reported around St. Mary's Cemetery near East Locust Street in South Scranton and spotted going back into a wooded area near around Interstate 81, said Bill Williams, information and education supervisor. The animal was previously seen around Wyoming Avenue, also in South Scranton, where a game warden was sent.

The black bear jogged on all fours through a parking lot on South Webster Avenue, sniffing around a row of cars at 11:50 a.m., security camera footage sent to the newspaper shows.

Williams said the game commission generally tries to give bears an opportunity to find their way out of urban areas and discouraged people from chasing the bear away.

"This time of year we're getting into the breeding season," he said. "A lot of the younger bears are being pushed out to breed again and are kind of on the move."

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