Norwegian police have captured the Night King and the internet is loving it

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Never send a Stark to do a Norwegian cop’s job. The Night King’s march to King’s Landing has been officially halted by the fifth division of the Trondheim police force, thus protecting their picturesque city of some 200,000 souls ... to say nothing of the entire Game of Thrones-obsessed world. The officers celebrated their victory on the police department’s official Facebook book, with hilarious photos of Jon Snow’s mortal enemy cooling his heels in lock-up.

The Night King in the custody of the Norwegian police (Photo: Politiet i Trondheim via Facebook)
The Night King in Norwegian prison (Photo: Politiet i Trondheim via Facebook)

The Night King’s captors listed his many crimes in the post accompanying the images, citing “animal cruelty and property damage” among other offenses. Personally, we’d also suggest charging him for dragon endangerment and spherical arson.

Naturally, news of the Night King’s capture spread like, um, wildfire on social media. Trondheim’s Facebook post has garnered over 40,000 reactions and 12,000 comments from Game of Thrones addicts around the world. And that was part of their mission all along. Speaking with Newsweek, the fifth division’s superintendent, Markus Ree, explained the thinking behind this Game of Thrones stunt: "Funny posts like this one help engage social media users.. That's useful when we later ask for help solving crimes or searching for missing persons.”

At press time, HBO had yet to demand the immediate extradition of their undead star. Donald Trump has also remained silent on the issue, but given his frosty history with Game of Thrones, that’s probably for the best. In the meantime, there’s no shortage of congratulatory messages on Twitter.

Even with the Night King in custody, our Game of Thrones watch has far from ended. We’ve still got five episodes to see who ends up on the Iron Throne, who ends up dead, and whether Cersei finally gets those freakin’ elephants.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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