Game Recap: Pelicans 129, Jazz 124

The Pelicans defeated the Jazz, 129-124. Zion Williamson (26 points, 10 rebounds, five assists) and Brandon Ingram (26 points, four rebounds, five assists) combined for 52 points for the Pelicans, while Lonzo Ball added 23 points, seven rebounds and eight assists in the victory. Bojan Bogdanovic tallied a game-high 31 points (7-11 3pt FG) for the Jazz, while Donovan Mitchell added 21 points, four rebounds and eight assists in the losing effort. The Pelicans improve to 15-19 on the season, while the Jazz fall to 27-8.

Video Transcript

- A bunch of all-stars on the floor Monday night in New Orleans. Zion and the Pels hosting the league leaders, Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz. Utah comes in having won 23 of 26.

Here in the first quarter, the steal leads to some offense. Clarkson up top to Donovan Mitchell, who had 21.

Bojan Bogdanovic. Boy, was he good for Utah on the road Monday night. Corner 3 ball. Book that. Clarkson to Bogdanovic. Give him another corner 3 ball, this time from the other side.

Bogdanovic five 3-pointers in the first half. Finished the first two quarters with 19 points. Utah led it 64-59.

Second half different story here. Zion a rare miss inside. Gets the rebound, lays it in, and an opportunity for 1 more. Zion, who leads the league in points in the paint per game, drives and scores there.

How about more from Zion? This time an opportunity for a traditional 3-point play. He had 15 of his 26 in the third quarter.

Pelicans would put the pedal to the metal here early in the fourth and lead by as many as 17. Brandon Ingram had 26. Ingram to JJ Redick. Redick the 3 plus 1 more. It's 107 to 90. The Pelicans are blowing out the best team in basketball.

Aha, don't speak too soon. Here come the Jazz. Oh, they make more 3s per night than any team in basketball, and here they come with the deep ball. Bogdanovic. Then off the Pels miss, Royce O'Neale makes it 125 to 124.

Jazz down 3. 24 seconds to go. Mike Conley forces a bad shot. Pels go the other way. Utah is not fouling. Josh Hart puts it away.

Biggest win of the year for Zion and the Pels, 129 to 124. And they dominated the paint-- check this out-- outscoring Utah in the paint 74 to 54.