Game suspended after brawl between two California high school girls basketball teams

A basketball game between two California girls high school teams was suspended after a brawl broke out and at least one spectator got involved in the fracas.

With 2:13 left in the fourth quarter of a close game between cross-town Corona Santiago and Corona Centennial on Tuesday, players got tangled up after a pair of Santiago players attempted to trap a Centennial player with the ball.

A foul was called, and as the three players started to separate, one of the Santiago players shoved the Centennial player toward the stands. The two go off-screen on the video, but as they re-emerge, an apparent spectator enters the fray. It only takes a few seconds for the players to be split up, but the spectator continues to struggle while being dragged away from the players. A second apparent spectator was being corralled in the same direction, putting up less of a fight.

James Escarcega, the publisher of SGV/Whittier High School Sports Zone, tweeted a video of the incident:

The incident is being investigated by the  Corona-Norco Unified School District and the Corona Police Department, according to the Press-Enterprise.

According to Scorebook Live, officials initially planned to finish the game without fans, but it was instead suspended. The Press-Enterprise reported on Friday that the game was ruled a no-contest.

At the time of game suspension, Santiago led Corona 73-71.

The district announced new safety measurements that will be implemented at upcoming events.

Story originally appeared on High School Sports