Game Of Thrones Quietly Killed It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Star Rob McElhenney

Justin Kirkland
Photo credit: HBO

From Esquire

During Game of Thrones' first seven seasons, the series has managed to sneak in some well-known guest stars along the way. Some are a bit more subtle, like Coldplay's Will Champion in Season Three, and then some are, well ... Ed Sheeran. But in the Season Eight premiere, a couple famous fans got the ultimate Game of Thrones treatment: Killed in a very brutal way.

In a quick scene before Theon rescues Yara from Euron's ship, you can catch both It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney and Silicon Valley's Martin Starr as the unlucky recipients of a couple flying arrows. The clip is only a few seconds long, but McElhenney and Starr get their brief moment in GoT history before promptly getting killed.

Photo credit: HBO

Though the crossover doesn't seem like an obvious one for the over-the-top series, the ongoing relationship between It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Game of Thrones goes back a while now. On top of McElhenney's superfan status, Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have penned a script for Sunny as well as made cameos as lifeguards in a Season 12 episode, according to IGN. McElhenney posted an image to Instagram last night confirming his guest spot.

After a quick head butt and knowing gaze, Theon ends up getting Yara off that ship and all that McElhenney and Starr have to show for it is a couple seconds of shock and a serious face wound, but then again, that was a Greyjoy ship, so don't count them out. What is dead may never die.

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