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Your Gaming Console Deserves an Awesome 4K TV

Every gamer knows: Having a high-quality display is mandatory. That's why all video games deserve to be played on a 4K TV. Today's products have dedicated gaming modes, as well as built-in features to help you enjoy your gameplay to the fullest. We're talking low input lag, a high maximum refresh rate, and compatibility with HDR-enhanced content

A low input lag ensures that the input from your gaming controller will be instantly reflected on the screen in front of you. This is crucial for just about every gaming title out there. It can literally make the difference between winning or losing.

Having a high refresh rate, on the other hand, will ensure that all on-screen action is smooth and overall more enjoyable. Thankfully, most 4K TVs today have display panels that support the feature.

The top 4K TVs also have a gaming mode, which often becomes active the moment you power up your console. Enabling game mode might require you to go into your TV’s settings menu, but the functionality will optimize the input lag and the screen refresh rate, among other features, ensuring that your games look their best.

Both the Xbox One X and the Sony PlayStation 4 support HDR10-enhanced 4K gameplay (the Nintendo Switch video output maxes out at Full HD resolution). I highly recommend that you shop for a TV that’s compatible with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. Having the latter on board will allow you to enjoy more immersive content from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video when you're not gaming. It will also future-proof your TV in case the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles support Dolby Vision gaming.

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