"Garage" is the most popular word in Des Moines Zillow listings

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The top term used in home listings in Des Moines was "garage," according to Zillow.

Why it matters: The language in listings gives a sense as to what's most desirable in the city's red-hot real estate market, as agents compete to catch a potential buyer's attention.

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The top 10 Zillow terms in Des Moines:

  • Garage (49% of listings)

  • Fireplace (35%)

  • Walk-in closet (27%)

  • Fenced backyard (24%)

  • Hardwood (23%)

  • Patio (22%)

  • Pet-friendly condo (21%)

  • Bar (20%)

  • Stainless steel (19%)

  • Granite (17%)

The state of play: April Seydel, sales manager of Hubbell Homes, told Axios that Des Moines buyers want spacious homes with outdoor spaces.

  • What's in: Kitchen pendant lights and custom cabinet hardware.

  • What's out: Carpet and the farmhouse style.

The big picture: Des Moines buyers are similar to national buyers — we just want space for our cars, families and pets.

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