Garbage collectors shocked by familiy's TikTok prank

Two garbage collectors are going viral

after getting caught on the wrong end

of a family’s trash-themed prank.

The stunt began when Shannah Hammons,

who runs a TikTok account with

her two younger brothers.

hid inside a garbage bag

near her family’s trash bins.

She shared a clip of her encounter

with the garbage men, which has since

been viewed more than 3 million times.

In the video, the two trash collectors

can be seen pulling up their truck

to the side of the garbage cans.

One worker empties the first bin

into the truck, then attempts to

empty the trash bag next to it —.

where Hammons has been hiding

for an unknown amount of time.

As the garbage worker lifts the bag up, Hammons jumps out and screams.

The reveal certainly seems to

catch the trash collector by surprise.

The shocked man leaps up in fear

before pacing away from the truck.

Both garbage collectors seemed

to take the prank in stride though.

as they can be heard laughing with

each other toward the end of the video