Garcelle Beauvais Reveals Awkward Encounter With Denzel Washington

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What would you do if you woke up one morning to Denzel Washington at your door and you weren’t looking your best? Garcelle Beauvais revealed to Andy Cohen while appearing on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live that she found herself in that situation, and her reaction was pretty relatable.

She explained to the Bravo host that her son, Oliver Saunders, was friends with Washington’s kids Olivia and Malcolm growing up. After they slept over at Beauvais’ house, Washington came to pick up the kids. The 55-year-old was not expecting the actor, and let’s just say she wasn’t camera ready at the time.

“I have a story where Oliver and his kids, my Oliver and Malcolm and Olivia, his twins, went to school together and Oliver would sleep over,” she said. “And sometimes the kids would sleep at my house. And one Sunday morning, I was just like — I had gone to party ’cause Oliver was, you know, with them. And I woke up and I looked like death warmed over. And I was so tired and the doorbell rang to bring Oliver back, and I opened the door and I think it’s security, and it was Denzel. And I was like, ‘No!'”

Beauvais did not want to see arguably one of the greatest actors of all time after she had just woken up.

“‘Not when I look like this!'” she told Cohen with a laugh.

She continued, saying that she “would’ve thrown on a gown and hair and makeup.”

Cohen and Beauvais also talked about her scary encounter with Bill Cosby. As Vibe previously reported, Beauvais went to Cosby’s home under the pretense of preparing for her role on The Cosby Show. It was 1984 — Beauvais was 18 years old at the time. After taking a sip of a drink that made her feel strange, she dashed out of the house and went home.

Beauvais told Cohen she believes her drink was laced with something, to which Cohen said, “Unbelievable.”