Gardening 101: Keeping Your Garden Safe During Frigid Weather

Here are some tips to keep your garden safe during freezing temperatures and precipitation.

Video Transcript

- As the coldest air of the season hits North Texas this weekend, like many of you, Jeff Ray working in his garden today, getting ready for the deep freeze. And Jeff, you got to work fast.

JEFF RAY: Yeah, you do. You know, the forecast is for some of the coldest weather we've seen in like three years. So you're probably wondering what you could do to protect your plants. So I went and paid a visit to Steve Huddleston-- he's with the Fort Worth Botanic Garden-- to see what he was doing in his yard.

The cold is coming. The Metroplex is expecting lows in the low teens this weekend. It's time to get things covered.

STEVE HUDDLESTON: If you want to protect the beauty of your pansies and the violas and your cabbage and your kale, it is better to cover them.

JEFF RAY: The plants will survive without covering them but look worse for wear. You also need to add some water.

STEVE HUDDLESTON: Before a freeze comes through, you want to make sure there's moisture in the soil because moisture in the soil is like antifreeze in your car's engine.

JEFF RAY: Do a deep watering before you cover. And don't cover with plastic.

STEVE HUDDLESTON: Here I have some frost cloth, or you can use a sheet, something that breathes, something that will let the air pass through as well as the light.

JEFF RAY: Anchor the cloth down. And keep them covered as long as the temperatures are down in the teens.

Now, of course, don't forget to cover your faucets here across this cold season. Also keep in mind that if any plant is dormant, it's going to be fine. Now, there are some fruit trees, like my fig tree in the corner, it could get heavily damaged if it gets really cold. And I'll have to trim it back when we fall into spring. With this week's gardening 101, I'm Jeff Ray in Fort Worth.