Gardening Tips: Tomato Plants

WBZ-TV's David Epstein has a tip for your garden.

Video Transcript

- We're talking tomatoes in Dave's plant segment this morning plus a way to protect those tomato plants. Dave?

DAVID EPSTEIN: That's right, Nick. This is-- you know, I was looking at these plants thinking, this is not the most colorful, uh, plant segment I've ever done. But it's important. So I've got two plants here. This is my tomato plant. Uh, this is, uh, an heirloom tomato called Vintage Wine. We're putting that in the garden.

Couple of things I want to talk about before I get to the second one. When you plant tomatoes this time of the year, if you get them like this, you can plant them-- you can, kind of, cut the bottom leaves off, like this. I could just take these off because they're a little yellow. And you could plant that up to here. And all those little hairs-- you probably can't see it-- those are going to create roots. So you can plant the tomatoes a bit deeper.

This is borage. And this is a plant which gets a wonderful blue flower and actually helps keep a really bad bug away from this, which is the tomato hornworm. So if you plant this near this, the scent of this-- again, I haven't done it very much-- keeps the tomato hornworms away. So it's a wonderful plant called borage to use. I did shoot some B-roll. I'm not sure whether we have it or not.

But, um, in the garden-- and here we go. So this is my tomato area. I put down that red stuff. It's basically supposed to reflect a-- a good wavelength of sunlight. And there's my tomatoes. I put most of them in the garden. You can see, uh, I spaced them about 24 to 30 inches apart.

Couple of other little tips here. If you plant your borage-- and there's the rest of my vegetable garden. Uh, you can see all of my, uh, cabbages, which are doing well.

There's two types of tomatoes-- two sort of categories. We've got one called determinate. They stay shorter. Those are great for containers or the front of your tomato area. And then indeterminate, which get much bigger. Those are better for the back. So determinate, good for patios, containers. Indeterminate, good right in the garden. And don't forget to add a little borage.