Gareth Southgate: England are seeking to win Euro 2020

Gareth Southgate speaking at an event for the Football Association's Respect campaign, where the England manager touched on his team's determination to remain at the "business end" of competitions ahead of their European Championship campaign.

Video Transcript

GARETH SOUTHGATE: It's definitely not a burden because I feel as if over the last two or three years the team has become relevant to people again, and people are excited about the players. And, you know, one day I'll be doing a job that nobody's bothered about the outcome, and that would be pretty dull existence. Whereas here, we've got the chance to make some history, and we've never been to a European final with England-- only one semi-final. So our record compared to lots of nations we might perceive ourselves to be bigger than is actually not good in this competition.

So if people are excited and have hope, that's brilliant. And given what we've all been through, I don't think we should be, we should be dampening that, you know. People will ask, what does success look like? And that's always judged, in the end, on the level of performances, and there can be random things that happen in games. We saw Leeds had a brilliant result over the weekend, but statistically it's an almost impossible outcome given the number of shots and possession and everything else. So that can happen in football.

But when we started at St George's park six, seven years ago, we talked about all of our teams constantly being in at the business end of competitions. And that's where we want to be, and our players wouldn't want to hear anything other than we're there to try to win. There's no point in going into the competition with any other mindset, really. So we recognize we're a team that have still got steps to take and improvements to make, but that has to be our ambition.