Garland Crews Find Body During Search After Car Swept Into Creek

Garland search and rescue teams have found what they believe is the body of a woman whose car got swept away by floodwaters early Sunday.

Video Transcript

- Garland. More tragedy there. Search and rescue teams finding what they believe is the body of a woman whose car got swept away by floodwaters earlier this morning. The fire department says she was trying to cross over a bridge. This is on Holford Road just past 2:00 AM this morning our Caroline Vandergriff joining us live from the scene with more on this, Caroline.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Steve to give you an idea of just how quickly this water rose, the Creek is back down to its normal level about 30 feet or so below the bridge. The Garland fire department says it was rushing a foot or two above it. When a woman driving a Nissan Altima got trapped by the high water attempting to cross at about 2;15 this morning. Firefighters weren't able to get to her car immediately because of how fast the water was moving over the bridge, and before anyone could reach her, her car got pulled into the Creek.

Search and rescue crews had to wait a bit till the water receded, but ultimately used boats, a K9 team, and a helicopter to try to save her. They found her car at about 7:00 this morning, but she wasn't inside it. Just a few hours ago, they finally found what they believe is her body. They're waiting for official confirmation from the medical examiner's office. The fire department says it's a tragic reminder of just how powerful floodwater can be.

MIKE VANBUSKIRK: We try to preach that all the time is turn around, don't drown. I mean, it only takes six inches of water before it can start moving your vehicle, and with a foot of water it can move just about any vehicle off the road. So we tell people don't drive-through it.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: There are gates that can be shut down when the floodwater does happen. So people don't drive into it, but the Garland fire department says the rain came so quick the water came so quickly that they didn't have time to put those gates down. Live in Garland, I'm Caroline Vandergrift, CBS 11 News.