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Garth Brooks Says Wife Trisha Yearwood Is a ‘Fighter’ After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Kayla Blanton
·3 min read
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From Country Living

  • Country star Trisha Yearwood has tested positive for COVID-19; her husband, Garth Brooks, has tested negative.

  • Brooks described Yearwood’s condition as “okay,” and is “on her way out of the tunnel.” He’s concerned about potential of long-term affects that could impact her voice.

  • “We’re very lucky she is currently under the greatest care in the best city for treating and healing singers,” he said.

Two weeks after a team member’s COVID diagnosis sent Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood into quarantine, the country stars revealed that the Queen herself tested positive for the illness. Up to this point, the couple has adamantly taken precautions to avoid getting sick, so Brooks—who tested negative—is having a tough time with the news.

“The Queen and I have now tested twice,” he said in a statement, per E! News, adding that she’s experiencing symptoms but is “on her way out of the tunnel.” According to the statement, severe winter weather in Tennessee kept them from getting tested until almost a week after their initial exposure.

In order to continue caring for Yearwood, the singer revealed that he’s stepping away from work for the time being, including his weekly Inside Studio G chats on Facebook. “Anyone who knows me knows my world begins and ends with Miss Yearwood, so she and I will ride through this together,” he said. “And anyone who knows her knows she’s a fighter and she’s been doing everything right, so I know we’ll walk out the other side of this thing together.”

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He described Yearwood’s condition as “okay,” and has faith that she will pull through soon. “She’s tough. She’s stronger than me,” he said, though he couldn’t help but welcome positive thoughts and prayers, as his worst fear is that the illness could permanently impact her music career. “If anyone asks, that’s what you can do for her. That’s what I’m doing,” he explained. “Living with her, I sometimes take it for granted she’s one of the greatest voices in all of music, so the possible long-term effects on her concern me as her husband and as a fan. We’re very lucky she is currently under the greatest care in the best city for treating and healing singers.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only run-in the pair have had with the virus. In July, they postponed a Facebook concert “out of an abundance of caution” due to possible exposure, and later revealed that Brooks’ daughter Allie had tested positive. Thankfully, her case was mild and she never had direct contact with Brooks and Yearwood, so they remained unscathed.

Since the pandemic began, Brooks has been very vocal about Yearwood’s strict safety practices. “If you know Trisha Yearwood, she’s very … she’s in control,” he said in a July Facebook video. “And she has been very spot on these six months, and she’s led our family through it.” This just serves as a reminder that right now, there’s no such thing as being too careful.

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