What Is Gary, Amber Portwood’s Ex, From ‘Teen Mom’ Up to Now?

Hannah Chambers
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From Cosmopolitan

Do you know who I have a soft spot for? Gary Shirley from Teen Mom. Yeah, he got a bad rap back when he was still with Amber Portwood because they had a pretty rocky relationship that literally played out on reality television. But now that they’ve both grown up, they seem to be way better off. Gary has turned out to be one of the most wholesome dads of the whole franchise, and you know what? I stan.

He’s not with Amber anymore...but they have a sweet relationship.

Amber and Gary seem to have realized that they're better off with other people. Which, like, totally makes sense because that happens to a lot of high school relationships. Now, Amber is with a man named Andrew Glennon, and the pair had a cute li'l son named James last spring.

Amber and Gary coparent their daughter, Leah, but he's part of James's life, too. Apparently, Amber refers to him as the baby's "Uncle Gary." Cute!

"I don't want to sound like I'm lying, but hell, everything is so positive right now," Amber said of her relationship with Gary. "We're doing really good. You know, it took years. It took a long time. it took grown on both parties. We really kind of met in the middle and became a whole family now."

Gary has another daughter.

Amber's not the only one who moved on! Gary is now married to a woman named Kristina, and together, they have a four-year-old, Emilee Grace. BTW, Emilee and Leah are basically twins.

Kristina and Amber even spend time together with Leah. They really do look like one big happy family.

He's pretty much the proudest dad ever.

Almost every time Gary posts on social media, he's bragging about his kids. Somehow it's not even annoying? I don't get it. Anyway, he loves to take to the 'gram to show off Leah and Emilee and it's stinking adorable.

The fact that he shared this video of Leah singing while doing laundry because it "melted his heart" melts MY cold heart.

Gary's real dad is Michael Jackson.

No, not that Michael Jackson. Just another guy who happens to be named Michael Jackson. Gary recently discovered that the man who he grew up thinking was his father is actually not. He went on a search for his biological dad, and found Mike.

He's going to be on this season of Teen Mom.

I mean, it really wouldn't be a Teen Mom OG reunion without Gary, would it? You can catch him on Monday nights on MTV at 8 p.m.

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