Vaccination site opens in Gary as Indiana lifts mask mandate

Indiana public health officials announced 669 new COVID-19 cases and 11 additional deaths on Tuesday, as the statewide mask mandate was lifted.

Video Transcript

DIAN PATHIEU: Tanja and Terrell, a new mass vaccination site opens up here in Gary. This, as you mentioned, as Indiana's Governor Holcomb makes changes to the state's mask mandate.

This morning, Indiana has officially lifted its statewide mask mandate. However, under Governor Holcomb's advisory, local governments and businesses can still require them.

ROLAND WALKER: I'm appreciative that the governor Let's the local authorities make their decisions, but I do think that that sends a mixed message to people thinking that we're at the end.

DIAN PATHIEU: The city of Gary, like several other communities in Indiana, have decided to keep their mask mandate in place for now.

ROLAND WALKER: Relaxing some of the restrictions on capacity in restaurants and bars with social distancing and masks. Believe in the mask mandate.

DIAN PATHIEU: Governor Holcomb's advisory will still require masks in schools and state-owned buildings, also at COVID-19 testing and vaccine sites.

Meanwhile, in Gary this morning, city leaders will host FEMA, the governor, and other officials for the public kickoff of a new mass vaccination site at the former Roosevelt High School. Like Illinois, Indiana has also seen an uptick in cases recently, and people have strong opinions about wearing masks.

MIKE DEAN: Obviously, we all have mask fatigue. I don't want to wear this thing anymore, but I also don't want to risk getting anyone sick or getting sick again myself. It wasn't fun. I don't want to go through it. My youngest daughter still has issues six months later.

DIAN PATHIEU: As mentioned, the public kickoff for this mass vaccination event here in Gary begins this morning. The first shots will be given tomorrow. The clinic is scheduled to stay open for eight weeks.