Gary Richardson: House District 125 Representative Candidate

(WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 is profiling all five of the House District 125 candidates ahead of the February 13th special election.
We spoke with Republican candidate Gary Richardson about what issues he hopes to address if elected.

“I just consider myself as a public servant, and I enjoy it, and that’s why I wanted to offer myself back up for this opening,” Richardson said.

Richardson believes his years serving as an elected official in Columbia County have prepared him to represent Georgia on a larger scale.

“I just think it’s something that you have to be able to work with people to accomplish the desired goal,” he said.

He’s running as a Republican with strong conservative values.

“Our country has turned away from their moral compass and it just seems like there’s in-fighting, disagreements, no common ground,” Richardson said. “And I want to be that person that can engage and bring that to the forefront.”

There’s some issues he wants to tackle if elected.

One: growing Georgia’s economy.

“To limit regulations, and just try and bring industry to Georgia, bring industry surely if we can bring it back to our region here,” he said. “I feel like our economy is in the tank right now.”

Two: Backing law enforcement.

“It needs to be enforced. I will one hundred percent fund and help law enforcement in all aspects of the state,” Richardson said.

Three: Protecting students from propaganda.

He also wants to maintain local control over community decisions, defend constitutional freedoms and lower taxes.

“Personally I’d like to see the state income tax eliminated,” he said. “Now, I don’t think you’re going to be able to go in there and get it done in one swoop and get it taken care of. You’re going to have to work to get that, but I would definitely support that.”

As a long time resident of the district, he thinks he’ll be able to represent it well.

“I think I would be the person to be able to do that. To get up and get in Atlanta, and have those relationships, and be able to work with fellow legislators to accomplish good things for Georgia,” Richardson said.

The House District 125 special election will be on February 13th.

Richardson is opposed in that race by Republicans C-J Pearson and Jim Steed, Libertarian John Turpish, and Democrat Kay Turner.

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