Gas prices trending down in Cobb, Georgia ahead of Thanksgiving

Nov. 21—As families gear up for Thanksgiving travel, gas prices are trending down in Cobb County and across the state.

The average price per gallon in Cobb is down 11 cents from Oct. 17, about a month ago, according to AAA. Since then, the statewide average is down 14 cents and the national average is down 22 cents.

Gas prices in Georgia hit a record high in mid-June, reaching an average of $4.49 per gallon, but have steadily declined since then.

The Georgia average gas price, $3.11, is down 13 cents from a year ago, when it was $3.24. But the national average price, $3.67, is up 26 cents from a year ago, when it was $3.41.

Georgians are now paying, on average, $46.65 to fill a 15-gallon tank with regular gas, nearly $2 less than they were a month ago.

"The over 1.5 million Georgians hitting the road for Thanksgiving will find pump prices less expensive compared to last year," said AAA spokeswoman Montrae Waiters. "When it comes time to fill-up during the trip, drivers should keep in mind that gas stations along highly traveled routes may find prices more expensive."

Gas prices across the country are lower as data from the Energy Information Administration shows demand decreased from 9.01 million barrels a day to 8.74 million barrels a day last week. At the same time, supply has risen, with total domestic gas stocks rising by nearly 2.2 million barrels to 207.9 million barrels.

"As demand remains low and stocks grow, drivers will likely continue to see pump prices decline ahead of Thanksgiving," AAA projects.

The average price per gallon in metro Atlanta is $3.14, per AAA. The state's most expensive market for gas is Savannah ($3.19), while its cheapest is Warner Robins ($2.98).

Consumers looking to save on gas are advised to shop around for prices, consider paying in cash, combine errands to reduce drive time and enroll in fuel-saving programs. AAA also recommends regular vehicle maintenance and driving slower and more conservatively to improve fuel economy.