Gasoline prices ease off

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Aug. 6—After peaking at over $5 per across the nation on about June 10, gasoline prices have fallen steadily in the past weeks. The Ada area features some of the most affordable gasoline in the country at the moment.

Gasoline in Ada currently costs around $3.22 per gallon of ethanolized fuel at locations across town, according to

Three locations west of the Oklahoma area reported gasoline at just $2.97 per gallon.

Some area vendors sell fuel labeled as "100% Gas," meaning that their fuel is gasoline-only and does not contain ethanol. Much of the fuel sold in America has ethanol added to it, usually around 10% of the blend. Though ethanol contains about 10% less energy per unit than gasoline, it burns cleaner, making it better for the environment. Most modern cars and light trucks can use ethanolized fuel safety. A gallon of "100% gas" fuel typically costs between 30 and 60 cents more than ethanolized fuel.

Diesel fuel, used mainly in trucks, remains at near-record highs, slacking off only slightly from a peak on June 20 of $5.81 per gallon to $5.14 per gallon on Aug. 1, the most recent day reported by