Gaston County couple goes behind the lines to help Ukrainian refugees

Several members of the Charlotte community have been moved to help Ukrainian refugees.

Amongst those is a couple from Gaston County, who are in Eastern Europe to assist an organization that goes behind the lines to rescue civilians.

Channel 9′s Glenn Counts spoke with Julio and Stephanie Gaviria about their relief efforts.

The Gavirias departed from Charlotte Douglas Airport around two and a half weeks ago for Eastern Europe.

The couple told Channel 9 that while most of the work they do is behind the scenes, every now and then they get to meet some of the refugees they are trying to help.

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“Steph and I were just like a lot of the people in the United States. We came for a purpose to help others and I really do think there is a lot of people that would do the same,” Julio Gaviria said.

Julio and Stephanie said they have been working hard in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe handling logistics for Harp Rescue.

Harp Rescue is a group of ex-Navy SEALs and ex-military specialists who go into war zones like Ukraine and get civilians out.

“They have faced so many incredible situations and shown such courage and bravery through all of it and it’s really been an incredible experience to be a part of supporting those guys,” Stephanie Gaviria said.

The couple said recently the humanitarian aid and rescue project rescued the family of a 95-year-old disabled World War II veteran, his 93-year-old wife and 70-year-old daughter.

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The family was evacuated from Kharkiv despite the fierce fighting and medical challenges.

Julio and Stephanie said they were able to meet the family after their escape.

“It’s nice to see the resiliency of the Ukrainian people. I think that is something the world is getting to see, but we’re seeing it on a much more personal level, I think because we’re seeing first-hand the people who are helped through our efforts,” Stephanie Gaviria said.

The Gavirias said Harp Rescue is just one of many non-profits that are providing aid to Ukrainian refugees.

The Gavirias are encouraging anyone to reach out and provide assistance in any way they can.

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