Gateway AD, Coach Asks Other Coaches Not To Apply For Pine-Richland Job

He says he did so as a show of solidarity to Eric Kasperowicz.

Video Transcript

BRIANA SMITH: We have new developments this morning about the Pine-Richland School District's decision to not renew the contracts of the high school football coaching staff. We're learning high school football coaches across the state are being told not to apply for the job. Let's bring in Chris Hoffman now with more on this. Chris, who's doing this and why?

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Briana, this is all coming from Gateway's athletic director and head football coach Don Holl. He tells KDKA that he emailed every high school football coach across the state asking them not to apply for Eric Kasperowicz opening. He wants them all to stand in solidarity with Kasperowicz.

It was earlier this week that Kasperowicz and his entire coaching staff were told their contracts would not be renewed, just months after winning state title. The district won't say why the coaches were let go, but players have told us they were asked about hazing. Kasperowicz which denies there was any hazing or bullying under his watch. His offensive coordinator and a former player are backing him up on that denial.

RYAN LEHMEIER: He doesn't stand for that at all. I mean, that didn't even, I mean, that place was so well patrolled by him as far as the expectations and what went on there.

REILLY JORDAN: We always say it's a brotherhood and we're all best friends and there was never any hazing that I noticed.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: The school board says the search for a new head coach and coaching staff is underway. Kasperowicz which has reapplied for his old job. And Coach Hall wants to make sure that Kasperowicz is the only person that the district can consider for that opening. We will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments both on air and online. Live this morning, Chris Hoffman, KDKA News.