Gathering for Easter? Here are safety precautions you should take

Once UCSF doctor believes if we continue to keep our distance and vaccinate we could be out of the pandemic by the summer.

Video Transcript

- Well despite loosening guidelines and increasing vaccination, doctors are urging people to be cautious this Easter weekend, especially if you're planning on attending any gatherings. "ABS 7 News" reporter Luz Pena has more on how churches and restaurants are helping people stay safe.

LUZ PENA: It's year two of Easter Sunday during their pandemic. Unlike last year, now we're closer to getting back to normal, but several aspects of life are still like 2020. For instance, many churches will do a hybrid service or continue the virtual route.

MARVIN WHITE: We have brought all of our rights and rituals online.

LUZ PENA: At Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, their service will include scenes from several years back with a combination of 2021.

MARVIN WHITE: We'll still have the message of redemption and resurrection.

LUZ PENA: During Easter of last year, Canela Bistro and Wine Bar pivoted to family meal kits. Those paella kits helped their business throughout the pandemic. Now a year later, families are signing up again this Easter to keep that tradition alive.

PAUL IGLESIAS: We've realized that we've kind of condensed it to letting people enjoy and experience. Paella was originally created as a Sunday-- as a Sunday event.

LUZ PENA: And home is where many are used to gathering for Easter, but UCSF's Dr. Rutherford says, take it outdoors.

GEORGE RUTHERFORD: If you're vaccinated and you're meeting up with other vaccinated people, no problems. If you're vaccinated and you're meeting up with-- with unvaccinated people from more than one household, then you know, your back to the same old stuff.

LUZ PENA: According to the latest state data, over six million Californians have been fully vaccinated. That's 21% of the state's population. Dr. Rutherford says, that's not enough to let our guard down.

GEORGE RUTHERFORD: We have some vicious counterexamples for having light at the end of the tunnel. There's a huge outbreak in the lower peninsula of Michigan.

LUZ PENA: Doctor Rutherford believes if we continue to keep our distance and vaccinate, we could be out of the pandemic by the summer. But it's up to all of us. In San Francisco, Luz Peña, "ABC 7 News".