Gathering Held To Remember Keyes Teen Shot In Crossfire

Evan Robison's life was cut short Sunday when he was gunned down at a taco truck in Keyes after a fight broke out. Friends, family, and teammates gathered to pay their respects.

Video Transcript

- Happening now, the search for a gunman who killed a teenage boy in a Stanislaw county shootout. Investigators say the shooting started with a large fight. And the boy was caught in the crossfire and not the intended target.

- CBS 13's Velena Jones is live in Keyes with family and friends are grieving tonight, Velena.

VELENA JONES: Well, it was a very emotional night as around 100 or more friends and family gathered at the same spot, where Evan Robinson identified by friends died just last night. And hours later after that Memorial, you can see friends and family are still gathered here tonight to pay their respects.

- It's like I lost a little brother.

- In just 16 years, you can see by the size of this crowd just how many people were touched by the life of Evan Robinson including his eighth grade football Coach Payton Azevedo.

PAYTON AZEVEDO: It breaks my heart because one little thing could have changed, you know. And he would have been OK.

VELENA JONES: Evan was outside this Taco truck stand last night when a fight started and shots were fired. Evan was hit and died on scene. Investigators say he wasn't involved in the fight and was not the intended target. Evan sisters dad reflected on his daughter's big brother.

- Yeah, he's a great kid.

VELENA JONES: Dozens of friends and family surrounded his mom at his Memorial. Evan's pastor says he was always willing to help and would often travel from Modesto to come to church.

MICHELLE BERNEL: Always willing to help and loved by so many.

VELENA JONES: Leaving a void in this tight knit community from the teen who loved sports and was a trusted friend to so many. Now, left without him it.

- He was just always so like happy and like just-- the most wonderful kid anyone could like ever meet.

VELENA JONES: The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office says the area was very busy when the shooting happened. They're asking anyone with information to contact them. We do know that the suspect drove away in a silver car. And investigators are asking anyone with information to contact them. They have identified a person of interest, but they are not releasing any additional information at this time.

- Wait to hear more. Thanks, Velena.