Gatorland takes in alligator missing top half of its mouth

Gatorland took in an alligator that was injured and is missing the top half of its mouth, the theme park said in a press release late Saturday.

The alligator’s trapper believes the animal survived a boat propeller accident, according to the press release.

The alligator was rescued from Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford, where he was first spotted in early September and evaded capture for weeks and garnered national headlines, according to a Fox 35 report.

“Little alligators have it hard here in the state of Florida with all our boating and development,” said Savannah Boan, Gatorland’s international ambassador, on Gatorland’s Facebook. “So if you see an alligator out there stay away from it, but if you do see something like this please bring it to the attention of the good people of the FWC.”

Boan said they need residents’ help to name the alligator.

The alligator is undergoing a full veterinarian’s examination at Gatorland and the team at the theme park is dedicated to its complete care, according to the press release.

The injured alligator was taken in as part of Gatorland’s Global program which aims to conserve and protect alligators and crocodiles in Florida and worldwide, the release said.